Marigold and Petunia – good vibes spread to Cape Town

Just after the release of the article in Animal Voice, Fiona Burton from Cape Town contacted me wanting to rescue her own chickens for home. I sent her our standard rescue doc, and last week Marigold and Petunia joined Fiona and her family.
I love the way Fiona writes about their new family members, I am very excited that good vibes are spreading and 2 more ex batteries have a home! I hope it continues, as people interact with Fiona, and then so on and so on…..

‘hi Candy

We bought two chickens from Phillipi yesterday morning. They spent the day and last night in our bedroom in a little pen with 2 carbboard boxes to sleep in. We introduced them to the garden this morning and also the chicken coop and they are so happy! As we speak they are both having a morning nap in the sunshine on the grass. Besides missing a few feathers (not too bad at all) and a few long toe nails, they seem in good shape. They ate and drank from the start, so no problem there. I just wanted to check with you whether there are any plants which are poisonous for chickens as they have free run of the garden.

Their names are Marigold and Petunia and they are just so lovely, bringing us lots of joy and smiles!

 We would like to slowly change their food to purely organic healthy feed over time. I have taken photos which I will send you when I figure out how to get them from camera to computer!

warm regards

1 week later

‘hi Candy,
Chicks are thriving! Today I took them to the vet to have their nails ‘done’. They also were given deworming stuff. They have both started scratching around in the earth and pecking away at whatever they find. Also venturing about the garden more, feeling more confident about leaving the coop. And today Marigold had herself a fine old dustbath, an absolute pleasure for me to watch. They eat out of our hands and dont mind getting stroked like the cat!
They sure do poo a lot….
We put a couple of branches in their coop over the straw but they’re still working on the balancing act. Have been introducing more poultry grain and layers pellets into their diet and they seem to be coping well.
Waiting in anticipation for that first egg
Feel free to use any info and our names, will have to wait a while for photos tho, will see what i can do later in the week
luv fiona’

1 week later

Latest Update on Marigold and Petunia

Hi Candy, chickens thriving. Eating loads and doing everything chickens should be doing, they’re very happy. Still waiting for eggs (which have now become secondary – we just love having the chicks wandering around the garden) They love being around the girls when they’re playing outside. A friend of mine is keen to do the same, and she has spoken to two more friends of hers who also want to rescue chickens, so good news for cape town chickens! Marigold and Petunia put themselves to bed every night, so cute to see.
regards Fiona

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