Day 2 – baby pigeon

Woke up at 3:30am to check baby. Yeah. Still alive. Despite leaving blow heater on in room, the baby was cold – changed hot water bottle. Woke up 5:30am to feed her. Stools very green. Upped feed to 7ml. She went back to sleep until 7:30am. Woke screeching and calling for another feed. 9ml.

Suggested name by daughter 1 : Gracie

Suggested name by daughter 2: Isabella (note: we have a dog called Stella and chicken called Bella Ella)

maybe we could combine the two names and call her Grisabella (!)

The jury is still out on this one.

Left baby in warm room with sun streaming in for morning. Sadly each time she heard or saw pigeons pass the window she called pitifully and desperately, flittering her wings by her side. Another 9ml at 11:30. Had to go to work. Will rush back asap in afternoon to feed.

Fed her at 4pm. 10 ml. Baby pecked twice  at a spot on the towel I was feeding her on. This is good developmentally.  Stools darker green, black, and white. Seems we are getting more food in. Feeding directly into crop with small tube would be more effective, however, have only crop fed chickens. This baby is so small and I am so frightened of hurting her, or getting the tube into her lungs. Lets see how we go tonight and tomorrow……



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