Links I find valuable…..

Animal Treatment Society

Earthlings – stop speciesism

Earthlings is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research. Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made, Earthlings is nicknamed ‘the Vegan maker’ for its sensitive footage shot at animal shelters, pet stores, puppy mills, factory farms, Slaughterhouses, the leather and fur trades, sporting events, circuses and research labs. The film is narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix and features music by platinum – selling recording artist Moby. Initially ignored by distributors, today Earthlings is considered the definitive animal rights film by organisations around the world. “Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one that gets people talking the most” says Phoenix. “For every person who sees Earthlings, they will tell three”.

Compassionate Farming in South Africa (and a good insight into global trends)

South African based Animal Voice is an amazing organisation that does great work. I have huge respect for Louise Van der Merwe who keep this particular show on the road.

“We need as many voices as we can get to help spread the fast-growing awareness that animals are emotional beings, with intelligence and their own understanding of the world into which they are born. Knowing this, we can no longer justify our callous disregard for their suffering.”

The Broiler Industry

Find out more about the cruelty of the broiler industry. Stop supporting this cruel practice, by eating chicken and, start putting pressure on your local supermarkets to put pressure on their suppliers for better conditions.

Chicken rescue in New Zealand – some good info on site

Farm rescue sanctuary

Christen Shepherd, a gal who always wanted to be a farmer, runs a rescue farm. The farm is a safe haven for animals coming out of factory farms — this includes bald chickens, goats, hogs and pot-bellied pigs. What’s amazing is that these animals help extremely troubled kids feel happier.

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