Bella update 2 – people marvel at Bella’s size with no knowledge of the price she is paying

Bella and Stella

Bella had her check up yesterday. A trip to the vet is stressful for Bella and myself. Bella starts very stressed chicken behaviour, which is always worrying with her oversized heart. I also had to have bath when I got home, because she pooed all over me. Felt sorry for Bella that she was stressed enough to poo, but felt more sorry for myself!

Bella’s entry into the waiting room at the vet always attracts a lot of attention. People are so delighted by her, and find the insertion of a chicken in our dog and cat ruled neighbourhood a treat. I choose to smile nicely, hold back, and not ask them if they are going to delight in the presence of Bella, and then go home for chicken pie! 

There is a massive disconnect between the reality of the animal being here, now, and animals as food. I know that when most people look at Bella at marvel at her size, they have no idea the price she is paying for that size, and that they are more than likely supporting this cruel practice of raising Broilers for meat by their purchase of chicken as food.  See our links on this blog to find out more about this insane and gross industry.

Bella is showing signs of improvement. Jean has put her onto a water based anti bio, to give her a break from the injections. 

Bella had a bad night again. I got up a few times to check her as I could hear her coughing and sneezing, and shuffling around. She has started to make gentle clucking noises of acknowledgement when I go to her in the dark at night which is absolutely heart warming, and softens the blow of being pulled from my bed by her alarming sneezing.

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