Amber and Galhinia lay eggs

Galhinia is a regular morning layer. Amber however, seems to have produced only one egg in the month we have had her. Yesterday we discovered that Amber has secretly been laying behind our municipal dustbins in the back yard. We found her stash!

Now that her secret has been revealed she decided to move into the hen-house this morning with Galhinia to lay her egg –  apparently a very sociable activity. They clucked, dug, re arranged the nest together, checked each others nether regions and were a bunch of regular old hens.

After Amber had laid her egg, she left the house, and Galhinia rolled Ambers egg under her body, next to her egg. Hens look after each others fertilised eggs, so that they all get an opportunity to eat, drink, and have a break from the duty of egg hatching. I have seen none of this displayed in our hens so far. This morning was the first time I had seen this happen. Galhinia is now dutifully minding the two eggs in a very contented fashion!

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