Marigold and Petunia March 2010 update

Hi Candy,

can eventually send you some pictures. And very exciting, we’ve been finding eggs in the garden!! Not sure if both laying or just Petunia, very clever chickens! We just love them to bits and they seem very happy and healthy. They come running up to us if we go into the garden, seems they enjoy our company. They discovered the compost bed the other day and have been digging and scratching in there everyday since! Heaven for chickens with all the bugs n worms.
I noticed that they lay down/slept quite a bit during the day in the garden when they first arrived, but dont see much of that now.
very sad reading about Bella Ella, isn’t it just too awful what we humans do to these poor creatures, will pass on the blog site. thanks again for all your help. 
warmest regards

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