Morning update 18 March 2010

Beautiful Bella Ella on a rare trip to the garden

Galhinia and Ambers joint egg venture

Galhinia has decided sitting on eggs is for the birds, and abandoned her post.


Bella hangs about in the kitchen most of the day. This is a function of her not feeling well, her large unwieldy size, and a lack of fitness. During the afternoon, I took her outside and put her in the flower bed. She settled down to her first dust bath ever. Good news. It only lasted 3 minutes and she waddled back inside. However, it is progress.

I am however frustrated that she is not remarkably better. Thinking of seeking additional support and treatment from a homeopathic vet.


Galhinia is not herself. Took her to Jean yesterday, and although it is clear her mood is depressed. No other symptoms. Good doses of probiotics have cheered her up substantially. She is still eating and drinking, but spending time fluffed up in between and not as lively as usual.

This weekend

Have been asked by a woman in JHB to rescue and re hab 4 chickens for her. Sounds like she has a divine set up. Need to go and get the hens this weekend, make sure they are all healthy, and re home. This is good news for 4 more ex batteries. Will keep you posted.



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