Morning update 19 March 2010

Gorgeous Galhinia

New rescues for this weekend

Getting ready for our 4 hen rescue this weekend. We’re coming sweat peas!


Galhinia still not well yesterday. Back to Jean, where she had a very undignified internal examination. Galhins egg duct is inflamed. I have been noticing that shells of eggs are not as robust as have been, and that she has laid one or two membrane eggs (no shells). Galhinia is lacking in calcium, and is therefore battling to produce easy to lay eggs, which may have contributed to inflammation.

Galhin had an anti inflam and is on calcium supplements. Apparently egg laying on the scale of what theses layers have been used to, vastly depletes calcium stores in their bodies. I think as a matter of course, I will start a calcium supplement with all our ex layers.

Galhnia much happier today.

Bella Ella

Bella Ella is open mouth breathing again this morning. I give up (for the next hour anyway!).


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