Meet Petrus – the latest addition to the flock

Petrus the rooster – he is so unbelievably beautiful, I think he looks like an oil painting

Petrus was given to us over the weekend by Ralf, a guy in Parkhurst who was given Petrus as a gift. Sadly Petrus’ love of greeting the morning is not making the neighbours happy. I have resisted having a rooster out at the farm, as I feel the girls have been through enough, and roosters can be a bit hectic. I am also reticent to allow our flock to have chicks and add to the millions of chickens already in the world. However, with the flock increasing, I thought we would give it a try, as Petrus needs a home, and roosters can also keep order and protect a flock.

Petrus arrived on Sunday. Not only is he magnificent, but has a very gentle nature. It was love (from my side) at first sight. Petrus has come from a wonderful home, where he has been well cared for and loved. His companions were two ducks and a little hen.

Ralf asked if we could rescue a hen for him as a companion to his current hen. Yeah! we are so happy to do that.

Petrus had settled well at the farm, although our girls are setting clear boundaries with him, and spent much of the 2 days I was there with them, mock charging him. Petrus took it all in his stride, and they will  settle.

Sarafina sets some boundaries with Petrus

Yesterday we brought horse manure to the farm from a  friends farm. Petrus and the girls found some large cut worms in the manure. I think Petrus was terrified they were going to be taken away from him, so he grabbed a few, and ran away to hide as fast as he could. It was very amusing!

  Petrus in his new surroundings

Petrus and Melody meet


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