Update – 26 March 2010

Beautiful Broiler Bella - still with us at 18 weeks

This week has been busy with chickens.


Bella is still with us at 18 weeks, and seems to be going strong. Her mycoplasmosis seems to have cleared. I keep a watchful eye on the regularity of her breathing. I have moved her into my bathroom at night and out of the kids bathroom. Relieved to say I have heard no night coughing. I am tempted to do one last course of intra muscular anti bios – I would not like her to regress again. Her size is still noticeably impressive.

The 4 rescued Girls

Ralf, asked me to get him a hen to take Petrus place at their home. On Tuesday night Ralf picked up his new hen. Todays sms read ‘we had an egg today. She and Trude are slowly getting to know eachother. She is a late riser!’

Tomorrow, Fiona (Kyalami home) comes to collect her 3 chicks. These girls have grown in confidence each day, and have even come into the house today. They are very reliant on eachother. If one happens to have a momentary individual thought and turns in the opposite direction and starts walking, the other two panic, rush around in 3 tight circles and re direct to follow the first. They are very sweet. I will miss them, but am also pleased that they have such a great home. Them leaving makes space for more rescue hens.

The Farm Chicks and Petrus

Spent a great weekend with the farm chickens, photographing them, observing them, and delighting in both their freedom (knowing where they have come from), and their unique and amazing personalities. Petrus, the rooster, was introduced to the flock, and according to Charles (care giver and lover of chickens), Petrus is doing well. Here are some photos from the weekend for chicken lovers out there – and just to be a part of our joy – seeing these chickens with the freedom to do the things they most naturally do, in an environment that supports this.

Brought in a load of horse manure for the garden – the girls and Petrus spent the whole of Monday digging and finding these massive cutworms to eat
We rescued Cindy from a small cage in a petshop in Krugersdorp last August. She is a real wise mama, and mothers the flock
Melody digs and finds a worm


Cindy, Sarafina and Melody hang out. Sarafina was rescued with Cindy, and Melody came from Zandspruit in October 2009



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