Update – 29 March 2010 – Hen hatches puppy

One of our chickens hatches puppy ....ok, not really, but plse read our blog, and find out what we do. Got sent this pic via e-mail. Not sure who to attribute it to.

Latest rescues 

The three girls rescued last weekend from Zandspruit (See posting from 23rd March 2010) went to their new home yesterday. They were fetched by Fiona’s parents. Again, as with Ralf, I felt very relieved and grateful that they seemed to be going to such a nice home. I am really excited to hear an update from Fiona today, on their first day and night with her – and what their names are. We specifically did not name them, so that our emotional attachment was less. 

Amber and Galhinia 

Amber and Galhinia, our resident chickenoids (chickens who believe they are human) were relatively gracious about opening up their garden to three new chickens for the week. 

Upcoming Rescues 

Was approached by someone yesterday for another 2 rescues. Maybe, just maybe, she will take 3 hens instead of 2. 


Having expressed relief at Bella being so much better in the blog last week, she started her open mouth breathing again on Friday afternoon. Jean and I put her straight back onto intra muscular anti bio injections. So, I have been practising my amateur injections again on poor Bella. I am getting more skilled. Bella has now been on anti bios for a total of 5 weeks . I am aware that this is not good for her, but we don’t seem to be able to stop without her re gressing. I think her body is just too compromised to help fight this. I monitor Bella each day. At present I do think she is getting a relatively good quality of life, so we continue.  Still adding good quantities of pro biotics and brewers yeast to her diet. Maybe a consultation with homeopathic vet? 

Farm Chickens 

All doing well. Petrus settling in nicely. Look forward to seeing them all next weekend.

2 thoughts on “Update – 29 March 2010 – Hen hatches puppy”

  1. Hi Candy,

    We would love to adopt rescued chickens. Please let me know what we need to provide for the hens.


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