Ambers Story

Amber came from Zandfontein two weeks ago. She is tiny, and very thin, but seems to be relatively healthy. Her nails were long and curling when we got her. The wire cages of the battery set up, do not allow the chickens to scratch in the dirt and wear down their nails. Walking with long curling nails is painful and hard. a nail clip brings almost instant relief.
Amber is so chilled and easy. The only hard time we have had with her is negotiating bed time. Amber does not want to sleep in a box in my bathroom. Amber wants to sleep as high up as she can. Eventually we have settled on a box on the side of our basin.
See picture below.
Last night Amber layed her first egg since she has been with us. I think she is remarkably talented and clever!

Henriettes Story

Henriette Day 1
Henriette was rescued last year from Zandfontein squatter camp in Gauteng. Henriette had finished her 300 days laying at a battery farm and was  sold to an informal trader for meat. I bought Henriette for R 20, instead of R 35. She was on sale. I lifted her out of the cage. Her eyes were shut and she was very still. For a momemt I thought she was dead, however the green mucus bubbling out of her nose, indicated otherwise. She had few feathers and weighed very little. I could feel each bone beneath her skin of her frail body. Henriette took 2 weeks of intense nursing. Crop feeding three times a day with a tube, anti biotics and loads of sleep. She would not eat or drink of her own accord. I thought I would have to euthanase, but something made me hang on. One morning she woke up walked over to the bowl of food and started pecking away. The whole family sat staring at her. Henriette lived with us in our family home for 4 months. She grew in confidence each day, and slowly began to separate from us and bond with the other chickens. Eventually it felt right to take her to our family farm to live with the rescue flock we have there. I see her each weekend, and she is loving the freedom of free ranging, and the safety of her hen house at night with her friends around her. Henriette still has a slightly haunted and alarmed look about her, and does everything at double the speed of other chickens. As though she has so much to make up for.


Recovering – Henriette makes a nest in the warmth of the DVD cupboard
Henriette 4 months down the line