Update – general

Petrus rules the roost (well, almost. He has a whole lot of bossy chicks to deal with)

Spent 3 glorious days at the farm, relaxing, sleeping, having good family time, and of course delighting in the flock. Petrus has settled fabulously! He is much more confident, and even attempted a half-hearted mock charge at me when I arrived. Petrus is loving the girls, and is so superbly protective over them all. He clucks and grunts continuously while strutting around them, constantly watching for danger. Petrus is particularly fond of Henriette, who is really quite grotty to him, and gives him very little attention. Introduced Petrus to plain Spaghetti (we sometimes give the chicks left over spaghetti as a treat) – he was convinced he had bagged a whole nest of worms.

Petrus’ less endearing quality is 4am crowing. Luckily, yesterday, he gave up at 4:05am and only started again at 6am.

Petrus and some of the girls free ranging

3 chick rescue update

The 3 chick rescue – named Do, Re and Me – see what Fiona has to say about them

 “The girls are settling in well, they really are so sweet – so lovable. Thanks very much for entrusting them to me 🙂

I am sure we will plod along well I will keep you updated and send you some pictures of them romping around as they settle. 

Their names are Do re me ( they are always together as you say!)

I really am so fond of them

Either Do, Re or Me? Fiona I am sure will know the difference


Bella seems to be holding out at present, despite having all her tail feathers yanked out by Amber and Galhinia yesterday. She allows them to bully her. Bella has no idea that she could just sit on them, and that would be an adequate defence.  I  keep having to remind myself that Bella is so young, and therefore a lot of her behaviour is ruled by her mental developmental milestones, despite her large size. Bella now weighs an outrageous 5.7kgs. 

We have given Bella a dog basket to sleep in, as a towel no longer offers her comfy support at  her current weight.  I watch Bella walking and squirm in anticipation of Bella’s  legs collapsing under her huge weight. Lameness is a definite possibility with broilers. Bella is still on her water based anti bios.

Bella is spending much more time outside, and loves dust bathing. Bellas greatest excercise at present is chasing the pigeons away from the food bowl. Her outrage at this cheeky invasion is evident.

We have a sneaky suspicion that Bella may be a rooster and not a hen! This, however, is not yet a confirmed fact.


Bella, weighing in now at 5.7kgs, needs a basket with cushion to comfortably support her weight

3 pullets   …… we have 3 baby additions to our family ….. more info to follow on them in our new post. New post will also highlight the effects of searing off 2 day old chicks beaks with hot blade, and the lasting effects this has. 


2 thoughts on “Update – general”

  1. It is with Great sadness that i mention my dear Doh has passed on and while Re and Me are still a bit out-of-sorts, Candy has entrusted me with another 5 lives, Jacquesamore,Fah,Soh,Lah,Ti, who are such incredible beings. Mr J , as i like to call him, is my first Rooster and boy he is such an entertainer! My new girls have found much solace in Mr J , but Re and Me boss him around quite a bit still!

    I wish only that Do could have met them and i thank her and Candy for the wonderful 1-1.5 years that i spent with her.
    Chicken rescue is really food for my soul.

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