Chicken rescue 24 April Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3

Went to open the chicken hoek this morning and check the new girls. All made it through the night. This is on my mind each morning for the first few days after a chicken rescue. Each night that they make it through, sees them stand a better chance of survival. They left the safety of their ‘cave’ and entered the outside world with less trepidation this morning than yesterday morning. They are already growing in confidence. I am satisfied that they are all now eating and drinking on their own.

One chicken has what looks remarkably like a burn on her comb. A portion of her comb is black, hard and crusty, almost charred. Despite looking painful, and not what it should be, she seems to be energetic, and it is not infected. Will keep an eye on it. I wonder what happened?

Burnt or damaged comb?

The day is relatively uneventful. 2 eggs from new chicks. Late in the avie, when I go to put them to bed, one of the girls surprises me by running to meet me at the gate, and allows me to stroke her, and pick her up. The other three stay clear of me, but I am really touched by this display of affection and trust, after all she has been through at the hands of humans.

Still cold and wet.

Temporary coup for new hens - cold, misty day in Magaliesburg

Day 4

All 4 chickens rushed out to greet the day with confidence this morning. The weather is not great for chickens. They are all cold and wet and miserable. Today I take them back to Parkhurst to be fetched by their respective new families. I shall miss them. The girls did well today. Jaqui and her gorgeous family fetched two of the chicks late afternoon. Celeste will fetch over the weekend.

4 new girls view the big wide misty, wet world

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