Update from Jaqui on Chick chick and Goldie

One of the fabulous rescue chicks

E mail 1

Hi Candy,

Well, Goldie and Chick-Chick (dodgy cone) are doing just fine this morning. They woke up and launched into their mash with great gusto. Goldie seems to have taken the role of head honcho – making Chick-Chick wait for her turn to feed and enforcing her leadership role with the occasional peck. They are quite chatty and respond to our talking with soft clucks.

I let them out into the front garden this morning. They wasted no time in exploring their new surrounds and pecking away at the grass and mud. With Goldie distracted by the garden, Chick-Chick grabbed the opportunity to head for the food and water. Then Goldie suddenly disappeared. At first we thought she’d slipped into the house unnoticed, then we thought she might’ve sneaked into the tall bushes. Eventually, she popped her head around the side of the house and gave us a little cluck. She’d found the route to the back garden. I left her to do her own exploring and later found her at the very bottom of the back garden merrily meandering through the plants and paths. Pretty soon, Chick-Chick found her way around the back too. Looks like they’ve cast their vote on where they’d like to roam.

 I didn’t take note of the state of Goldie’s cone when we brought her home, but it is standing almost bolt upright today …. Well, bar the one little piece at the back that is still drooping. Chick-chick’s cone is still very droopy though. They’re quite approachable – they have even walked curiously closer to me when I am standing close by.

 I’ll get some pictures to you as soon as I have a chance.

 Chat soon,


E mail 2

Hi Candy,

 The hens have now discovered the most dismal, concrete part of our garden. The washing line area. Despite various tempting propositions they keep going back to the concrete spot instead of the grass. How strange? The good news is that they are walking right up to us now. I keep expecting a peck on someone’s big toe, but none so far.

Chat soon,


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