G and T go to their new home

G & T temporary set up for Sunday in the garden at their new home
Yesterday Celeste came to fetch G & T, rescued last weekend from Zandspruit. Celeste and I have been chatting for a few weeks prior to rescue and over this last week – so, it was great to meet her in person. Again, I felt so safe handing over these two chickens. Celeste was just warm and gentle with the chicks, and so excited to show them their new life.

I feel so privileged to be able to do this work, and meet these other amazingly compassionate people.

Celeste kept me updated yesterday on their progress throughout the day, and last night I was treated to some fabulous pics on Facebook of their day – I have taken two of the pics off Facebook.

Tonic finds mud - this is pure chicken bliss
I also got this message from Celeste.

“Gin and Tonic are home, happy and eating up a storm, thanks so much Candy. May you be richly blessed ;-)”

Thanks Celeste, and you too. You are a wonderful ‘chicken mum’.

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