Bello – a sore injury or lameness?

Last Wednesday Bello started limping and was clearly in pain. I took him to Jean, and she gave him an anti inflam, and one for the following day. Anti inflams hammer chickens kidneys, so you cannot give too much. Really not good for them. By Thursday Bella was pretty immobile, and yesterday, he could not walk and standing caused him to hyperventilate. I consulted my homeopath, and asked her if she was able to assist. She gave me some joint and ligament supportive remedies. Started treatment at lunch time yesterday.

A friend of mine also offered to do some T touch on Bello, which he loved. Fell asleep during treatment.

At present Bello is requiring us to feed and water him in his bed. This morning seems no different.

I am hoping this is an injury which will heal, however, my fear is that this is what we have been watching for in Bello – lameness. Lameness brought on by a cruel industry that has modified these chickens for meat consumption. Bello’s legs cannot support his giant 6 kgs.

I feel so sad for him (and for me, I have grown so fond of him).  At this point I am thinking will give him a  few more days, get a few medical opinions, and mostly watch this boy that I know so well, and monitor his comfort and pain levels. If nothing changes, then I will euthanase Bello, and try to focus on what he did have in his short life, and not what he has not had.

STOP EATING CHICKEN! When you buy chickens for food, free range or not, they have been modified to grow too quickly and their bodies are consequently sore. You are supporting a horrendous industry.  Bello is representative of this revolting industry.

3 thoughts on “Bello – a sore injury or lameness?”

  1. Ah poor Bello, poor Candy, my heart goes out to you. Yes, do give him a few days to rest and see how he does. I’ll also post his story to my FB page. People need to be made aware of the suffering of these lovely creatures. Ai, Candy, be strong girl, this must be very difficult for you, much love C, G & T

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