Woolworths and their free range eggs? South Africa

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To all of you who joined the Activist “Dear Woolworths” campaign by writing articles, sending e-mails, signing the petition and talking on camera – asking Woolworths to please stop using battery eggs in all their food products – THANK YOU, This campaign has been a success!

View the feedback page including the full story, rollout-plan, Activist battery farming protest demonstration at UCT Video and feedback from the participants

In an e-mail to Wendy Hardie on 19th April, 2010, Julian Novak (Head of Foods at Woolworths) apologised for the delay in the roll out of products made with free range egg, and went on to say : “We are delighted to be able to communicate to Activist that the first 100 lines “made with free range eggs” will appear on our counters over the next 4 months, with 70 appearing in the next ten weeks.”

Activist will now shift the focus to the Ethical Egg campaign which is aimed at Shoprite / Checkers, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and the relevant players in government. Please notify as many of your friends and family about this campaign – we need a significant base of activists to raise awareness and end battery farming in South Africa.

Click here to visit the Ethical Egg campaign Best Regards, The Activist Team (www.activist.co.za)

One thought on “Woolworths and their free range eggs? South Africa”

  1. Please will you send me a contact e-mail direct… i’m a freelance television producer hoping you will be able to assist me with some free range info – appreciate it
    thanks you

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