Chick – Chick lays an egg – great pics

Chick - Chick settles down for the important task of egg laying

24th April rescue saw two chicks, Goldie and  Chick-Chick going to a new home. Tragically Goldie was killed by a neighbours dog. We were asked to take Chick-Chick back to allow the family to recover from trauma, and to keep Chick-Chick safe (if you look back at the rescue article – scroll down a way – Chick-Chick is the chicken with the damaged/ burned comb – the scab has now fallen off, and their is lovely new pink skin below).

Chick-Chick has been back with us for the last week. We have fallen in love with her. She had a deep voice and is so friendly and delicious to cuddle.

Yesterday I photographed her laying an egg. See pics below. I never stop getting excited by the laying of an egg. It seems so miraculous and magnificent, that this little bod could produce something so beautiful and perfect on a daily basis. Chickens should be revered for their amazing capabilities, and I think they should be shown much more respect for what their amazing bodies produce for us.

Where is this egg? When is it coming?
Chick- Chick fluffing up for arrival of egg
Chick - Chick gets into appropriate squatting position, tucks her bottom in...and....
yay! It's here
I am going to shout it out to the world!

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