Chickens at rest, and calling all knitters / sewers…..

Kind Evening News readers have been knitting jumpers for rescued chickens. Photo: Simon Finlay.

Not much to report at present. Chickens are all doing well , and what chickens are supposed to do.

I am just wanting a rest after stressful and sad time nursing Bello – the girls we do have, are keeping us busy.

The babies are wanting to perch at night. Something new for me, as all our rescues are used to being flat footed from the cages. We have placed some logs in the chicken house for the 3 little ones, and they love it.

All the girls are feeling the cold.  We need some hen jerseys for the cold days, given that some of our chicks are compromised on the feather front. Little Hen Rescue in the UK (fabulous organisation) has a pattern for a hen jumper.

For polar fleece and knitting pattern, go to

If you are able to help, please contact me through leaving a comment.


3 thoughts on “Chickens at rest, and calling all knitters / sewers…..”

  1. oh please, please. Galhinia has had a miserable day today with the cold. Since she was plucked alive, she has developed one layer of feathers, but not enough for winter. Chic – Chic could do with a bit of help too. Her back and front of neck are a bit exposed

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