Re building our hearts and our chickens home

Henny Penny finding worms in horse manure

Henny Penny was stolen from battery farm last year with 30 other chickens. The police caught the robbers, however in the process 25 of the 30 chickens died, and 4 over the following night. Henny Penny was the only survivor. Luckily the farmer had no desire to take her back for fear of disease, and so we ended up with her. Henny Penny was the most amazing hen. She was so easy to rehabilitate, and just did what was required to settle in and get on with living. Sadly last week, she was stolen again. I got the police involved and we searched the area and local dwellings, but no luck. Many thanks for Magaliesburg Police for their assistance and compassion, specifically Warrant Officer Leta.

Melody and Henny Penny meet Petrus for the first time

That night I bought a large lock and chain for the coup where we lock the chickens up at night in their house. They free range during the day.

The next morning we found beautiful Henriette gone, and our fabulous rooster Petrus dead. An animal had got into the coup during the night and taken Henriette and killed Petrus.

Henriette was the 4th hen we rehabilitated. She is really a chicken with 9 lives, and I guess they were finally used up. When I got Henriette from Zandspruit informal settlement, she was hours away from death. 4 weeks of hot water bottles, crop feeding her, sleeping and large doses of anti biotics finally saw her recover. So many mornings I thought I would find her dead, and she just seemed to soldier on.

Henriette (brunette) and Melody (blonde) having a dust bath

Petrus was given to us recently in return for a rescue hen. He was our first rooster and truly magnificent. He loved and protected our hens. He died trying to protect Henriette. I buried him on the top of a mountain last Friday. What a brave boy.

Petrus - our brave boy

The remaining traumatized chickens have been moved back to our family home, until we can re build our hen-house with deeper foundations and bigger locks.

RIP to some of our fabulous brood. We will miss you.

One thought on “Re building our hearts and our chickens home”

  1. so sorry to hear your news. you are in our thoughts and prayers. it’s always hard when your animals are hurt.
    take care and well done for all the wonderful work you are doing.
    love from camilla (nee callie) in sydney

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