Portion of NSPCA newsletter

Taken off the NSPCA newsletter sent out yesterday. Well done NSPCA.


It has been a week for cruelty to chickens. Our Farm Animal Unit handled 3 complaints of cruelty involving poultry: – large numbers of chickens not being fed and just being left. In one instance, criminal charges will be laid in terms of the Animal Protection Act after more than 300 birds had been left to starve. Appreciation is expressed to the concerned person who called the SPCA. Nearly all of the birds were emaciated and were frantic when food was produced. Sadly the condition of the birds was such that humane destruction was the decision taken to end their suffering. Thanks are expressed to Tanya Kaalson of Lochvaal chicks for kindly assisting with the procedure. Our Farm Animal Unit handled a case of an “emerging farming” project. The owner was waiting for the Department of Agriculture to produce food and the Department claimed this role was not its responsibility. The end result was that the birds suffered. 100 were removed from the farm.


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