Galhinias world is shattered (temporarily)

Last week was such a crazy week, fielding the amazing 100 plus e mails we got from the public wanting to assist with the re homing of the abused hens, Lesego and the intense nursing of her nail, and the hens that we took on board, plus our resident hens… of our resident hens is Galhinia (rescued last year while being plucked alive – see our blog under chicken diaries for her story).

Galhinia is such an amazingly interactive hen, and lives at our family home. Last Tuesday she woke up to have her cosy world shattered by the arrival of 27 new hens in her garden. She took one look at the crowd outside, and rushed back into the house shouting at us all. I had to give her rescue remedy, and stop the noise by cuddling her. This is how we ate breakfast. This went on for the two days that the hens were with us at our home, until they went out to the sanctuary.  Who says chickens don’t have complex emotional worlds?

Galhinia at the breakfast table recovering from morning shock

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