Healthy Snack for Chicks

Healthy eating for healthy chickens


Just made a healthy snack for our chicks. 

magi mixed: 

 Carrot  (loads of vitamins, and roughage) 

Spinach (high in iron, and roughage) 

Dolomite (calcium and magnesium) (for healthy strong shelled egg laying and bone growth) 

Avian pro bitoics (to maintain a healthy gut, and boost immunity) 

Powdered spirulina (high protein for all sorts of things) 

They loved it! I have recently been trying a little powdered spirulina on food every 2 days, and it seems to be making a big difference to feather growth. All veggies should be fresh and in the same condition as you would eat them. Slimy/ old veggies could make your chickens sick. Just magi mixed veg (carrots/ spinach/ raw butternut/ cabbage) is great for chickens. Adds a raw/ fresh aspect to their diet. 

Are you aware that a corn and seed diet is not a balanced diet for your chickens? Chickens need much more variety, as they get when free ranging in a large natural area (remember a suburban garden has a little of what they need, not all). Get a good quality laying pellet for them, plus fresh veg, grass to graze on etc. 

Calcium supplements in layers is often vital in warding off all kinds of egg duct issues later in life. Ask your local vet for calcium dosages or see this good article I found on the net 

If you have any good diet tips for chickens, please post comments!

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