Muk Muk Baby Broiler

Our most recent addition to the sanctuary is a baby broiler (broilers are genetically modified for accelerated growth for the meat industry).  This is Muk Muk. On Sunday my car broke down out in the Magaliesburg mountains. I stopped at a roadside pub for assistance, and found an open (no shelter from elements) with aprox 40 broiler chicks in it. They were starving and had no water. The temp was 34 deg Celcius. I managed to negotiate immediate food and water for them. It was pathetic. They were cannibalising each other, and clambering at the fence to try and get out.

In amongst the mayhem of chickens fighting for the food and water now provided, I spotted a broiler with a large tear in her/ his side. I confiscated her immediately, and brought her home. Her name is Muk Muk.

On Sunday I was able to give her pain meds, clean the wound and apply an anti bio cream. Jean, our vet, checked her yesterday, and we continue with the same treatment, trying to get some of the grimy dirty scab that formed to slowly peel off at the edges. We can safely do this over a week, without subjecting her an anaesthetic and large painful clean.
Muk Muk is on a low calorie, high fibre diet. I would like to try and slow down her accelerated growth at this vital time of ligament, bone and muscle growth. This is her best chance of a successful life as a broiler.
Again I am reminded of how grotesque and disturbing it is to deal with a young broiler. Large body, oversized legs,  tiny comb, and a peeping chic inside that body. Muk Muk is looking for all the comfort and assistance of that of a 4 week old chick. In two weeks, she would have been ready for slaughter. This is the meat people eat.

2 thoughts on “Muk Muk Baby Broiler”

  1. poor little chicken! I no longer eat chickens and this is why! We all hope you get to live the long healthy life most chickens like you don’t get, Muk Muk.Chickens Forever!!!!! Broilers together!!!!

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