Bantam rooster and family get assistance (and treatment of foot mites)

 On Saturday I was contacted by a woman Kim, who has re homed some chicks as pets for us before, and also taken a little exotic Canadian red head duck, Mo from us. Kim said she had seen a bantam rooster at a plant nursery with a swollen eye. He was with his family of 7, and the owners had no intention of getting him medical attention.

Kim has named this little man, Valentino, he has an abscess under his eye
Front view of abscess eye

Together we went back to the nursery and I managed to negotiate to take the rooster, and his wife and a small donation to cover some of his medical costs. Sadly, at the time we were not given the chicks, although later the owner agreed to let us re unite the family, so he would not have to treat the chicks as well.

Valentino was taken to our fabulous vet Jean Davidson at Craighall veterinary clinic. Jean said it was an abscess, but that he also had foot mites.  Both needed to be treated. I informed the nursery that the parents had foot lice, and it was contagious to other birds. They asked us to collect the chicks as well. Family re united.

Kim has kindly offered to do all the nursing and care of the family in a volunteer capacity under our banner, until they are healthy and we can re home.

Bantam family re united
Bantam family enjoy some radish leaves

Valentino had his op yesterday. Jean managed to drain a large amount of pus out, but not all. The abscess has been untreated for so long, that it has made a permanent hole in his palette. Soft food for a while is indicated. He goes back on Thursday for more treatment on abscess.  In the interim he needs anti bios and softening of the abscess with a weak betadine solution.

We are looking for a home for this lovely family. We will conduct a pre home inspection.

Treatment of foot mites

Foot mites on bantam rooster

Feet look scaly and porous. Almost like pumice stone. In many cases they have beige coloured calcified growths on them. These make walking painful and ultimately difficult, depending on how long the mites have been there.

Foot mites on bantam rooster


Get veterinary assistance.

3 drops on back of neck of Ivomec: Prop Glycol x once a week (500 gram bird)

Soak feet 2 to 3 a day in a weak, warm water betadine solution (the iodine kills the mites).

Massage feet with aqueous cream post soaking, and gently start to soften and work some of the calcification of the feet. This must be done slowly and gently over a few weeks. Do not start picking. This may make the feet bleed, and is not only painful, but leaves the chicken open to infection.

Continue this treatment until the feet are clean, healthy and mite free.

Foot mites are contagious (other birds).

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