Update from Kim on Valentino and his family

Two weeks ago we rescued this little family see


Kim offered to volunteer under our banner to care for this family until Valentinos eye healed, foot mites clear, and we find a suitable home for them. See Kim’s fabulous update below.

” Valentino and his precious family have been with me for going on two weeks now and have crept completely into the hearts of all of us. I named his lady Rosie, after my mom who had 5 children and was always clucking around keeping us from harm. The little ones are Junior (a chip off of dad’s block and takes over crowing as soon as dad is out of sight which is not very often), Midnight, Copper, Cinnabon, and Milli and Vanilli. And Vanilli was having crowing practice this morning too. Too precious for words. The improvement in the little big mans eye is vast and he can see me coming from both sides now. His feet are almost those of a ballerina, and they are just having the most awesome fun here in their little corner of paradise in Linden. Not a murmur from any of the neighbours either.”

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