Seared beak and tupperware hen

This is our lovely Cinderella laying her morning egg in this teeny tiny tupperware. Our spacious comfy laying boxes don’t cut it!

Note Cinderella’s very damaged beak. This is from having a portion of her beak seared off with a burning hot blade at 2 days old. No anaesthetic. This is standard procedure for battery hens to stop them cannibalising each other in their crowded small cages for the next year of their sad lives. A cruel practice to combat more cruelty.

Cinderella has this gorgeous gravelly voice. Sadly this is the case, as she cannot close her beak at all. Cinderella has been so badly mutilated that her sinus structure was damaged, causing repeated sinus and eye infections as a chick. Luckily she seems to be coping now. Stop eating eggs!

Read more on de beaking

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