Compassion in World Farming says get Sows out of Sow stalls

A University of Johannesburg law professor appealed on Radio702/567 Cape Talk this morning for consumers to wake up to the plight of pregnant pigs in South Africa. Professor David Bilchitz, who is also Director of the South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law, said many people were rightly outraged at the mistreatment of dogs, yet gave little or no thought to the mistreatment of farmed animals like the pregnant sows in South Africa that were immobilised in metal stalls, allowing no movement forwards, backwards or sideways, for life. Their “abysmal” and “shocking” suffering, he said, was one of the many facets of factory farming that were “immoral”. Professor Bilchitz added that there was a need for consistency in our outrage against cruelty. Around 130 000 pregnant sows produce the 50 000 young pigs that are slaughtered weekly in South Africa for their ham and bacon. Worn out after some four years of breeding, the sows will go to the abattoir never having experienced the ability to trot around or root with their snouts. They will die never having seen a blade of grass or a patch of soil.

While the UK and Sweden have already banned sow stalls, the following countries are officially phasing them out: New Zealand, Tasmania, the EU, and some states in the USA. Members of the pork industry in Australia agreed late last year to a voluntary phase-out of stalls, in favour of group housing, on straw. Compassion in World Farming SA urgently calls on all its supporters to help free pregnant pigs. See a short video of sows in stalls, hidden from view on the wine route outside Cape Town:

Please write to the following people/organisations and ask for a phase out. Please also ask friends to do the same:

Simon Streicher, CEO of the SA Pork Producers’ Organisation:; Johan Bothma, Western Cape Pork Producers’ Association:

Hayley Jackson, KZN Pork Producers’ Organisation: Sally Bosman,

Free State Pork Producers’ Association: Hoffies Hoffman,

Premier Pork Producers:

Your letter could be as follows: Dear South Africa’s pregnant sows are out of sight on the factory farms. But they are not out of our minds. We implore you to introduce a phase-out of stalls in South Africa and keep pace with those countries around the world that have recognised the inherent massive cruelty imposed on pigs by keeping them trapped for life in metal cages.

Sincerely, YOUR NAME Let’s get SA’s pigs out of their misery. Sincerely, Tozie Zokufa S A Representative: Compassion in World Farming Interim Chairman: Pan-African Animal Welfare P O Box 825, Somerset West, 7129. RSA Mobile: +27(0)74 974 9777 Tel: +27(0)21 852 8160 Fax: +27(0)21 413 1297 Websites: & Skype: tozie.zokufa Facebook:

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