update on sow stalls from Compassion in world farming, and an opportunity for you to get involved in helping get rid of this cruel practice

Please take the time to send mails to the people below, even if you are not South African, you can assist us in applying some pressure!

Dear Friend,

 You gave your voice on behalf of South Africa’s mother pigs last week and we gained a break-through! Mr Simon Streicher, CEO of the SA Pork Producer’s Organisation proposed a partial phase-out of the infamous sow stalls/crates by 2020 with the proviso that after 2020, if stalls/crates were still used, they would allow pigs to turn around, and in addition pigs would not spend more than 63 days in them, each pregnancy.

 But this is not good enough!! These are contraptions of torture and torment that we are talking about!! Compassion in World Farming (South Africa) needs your voice again!  Please write to our supermarkets and enlist their help in fast-tracking a ban on sow stalls/crates.

The relevant email addresses are: 


Head of Perishables: Julian Novak juliannovak@woolworths.co.za

 Pick n Pay:

National Manager for Pick n Pay Butcheries: Ian Crook icrook@pnp.co.za

 Shoprite Checkers:

Project Manager for Meat Market Department: Ms Sumari Schutte: sschutte@shoprite.co.za

 Spar Group:

Brand Manager: Judith Gale  Judith.gale@spar.co.za

You could say:

Dear …..

 Please help release the 103 000 mother sows who produce the young pigs that provide the ham and bacon products on your supermarket shelves.

Please ask your suppliers to become part of the solution in freeing them from this existence of deprivation, immobilisation and torment.  

 Sow stalls/crates are already banned in the UK and Sweden and are being phased out by New Zealand, Tasmania, EU member states, some states in the USA, and the pork industry in Australia recently decided on a voluntary phase-out by 2017. 

 With your help we can eradicate these unconscionable contraptions of meat production from South African animal agriculture altogether.

 I await your urgent reply.


Kind regards,


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