‘Chicken Rescue is really food for my soul’ – in memory of beautiful Doh

Posted on the blog this morning from Fiona, who is wonderful hen mother to some of our rescues. What a wonderful comment, and so fitting in memory of beautiful Doh.

‘It is with Great sadness that I mention my dear Doh has passed on and while Re and Me are still a bit out-of-sorts, Candy has entrusted me with another 5 lives, Jacquesamore,Fah,Soh,Lah,Ti, who are such incredible beings. Mr J , as i like to call him, is my first Rooster and boy he is such an entertainer! My new girls have found much solace in Mr J , but Re and Me boss him around quite a bit still! I wish only that Do could have met them and i thank her and Candy for the wonderful 1-1.5 years that i spent with her. Chicken rescue is really food for my soul.’

see more on Doh, Re and Me in the early days


done and dusted – all the girls homed to GOOD homes

‎69/ 70 hens needing homes – homed to GOOD homes in less than 24 hours. Nobody is going to leave the one girl to go to butcher, so we are done and dusted! What an amazing response of warm, lovng people opening their hearts and homes to these old ladies. I look forward to getting to know our girls and hearing how they are all settling in at their respective homes. You are all gorgeous – thanks, thanks, thanks

Hens urgently needing homes in JHB area – being sent to local butcher

12 May 2011

 Dear animal lovers (specifically chickens as pets)

 I got a call yesterday from a woman named Natasha, who has chickens as pets regarding 50 hens urgently needing homes (obviously we don’t expect people to take 50. This is an urgent appeal. They are booked to go to butcher tomorrow, but if we can secure homes, the guy who owns them will keep them to end of weekend.

  •  These hens are about 3 years old, and have mostly stopped laying. The guy who has them, is wanting to sell them to his local butcher (Natasha is his neighbour). Obviously if we can get them good homes, and let them live out their natural lives that would be amazing. They don’t have much more time – 6 months to 2 years. He is wanting R 30 per hen.

  The conditions we would like these hens to go to is the following:

  • Hens will free range and live out their natural lives
  • They will be safe from dogs, and not hounded by barking dogs at the edge of any enclosure.
  • Veterinary attention will be given to them should they at any stage get ill or injured
  • They will have constant access to fresh water and food
  • They will be secure at night from predators and theft to the best of your ability
  • They will have adequate shelter at night from cold, and shelter during the day, if required, from sun
  • Should you at any stage not be in a position to still give these hens a home, you will contact chicken rescue and rehabilitation South Africa, so we can assist you with re homing your chicks.
  • There will be at least 5 hens to every rooster on your premises
  • The hens will not be used for commercial gain –pet food, petting zoo, zoo etc.
  • They will at no point be used as human food.

 If you can assist us with a loving home for any of these girls – you can e mail me on candy@discoverymail.co.za. They will need to be collected this weekend from south of Jo’burg, Glenvista area.

 Kind Regards

Candy Ristic’

Chicken Rescue and Rehabilitation South Africa



Bringing Miss Goosey home

Yesterday I was phoned by a well known rescue organisation to say they had 4 hens (actually 1 is a rooster, possibly 2 of them), and a goose. Would I mind taking them. I arrived to fetch them. The chickens had food, and there was a very small amount of water which would have been fine for the chicks. The goose was a different story. Her leg was injured, there was no food for her, and the water dish was too small and shallow for her to get her bill in.

I picked her up. She was very frightened, but seemed to like being in my arms. She was de hydrated, and her mouth was dry and smelly. This was distressing.

I got them all back to my home, and immedietly gave Miss Goosey a large bowl of water and some mushy food to sift through. She immedietly drank and ate a little. Her leg was clearly very sore.

Miss Goosey gets home
It was late aftrenoon, and I felt her leg needed to be looked at sooner rather than later. I took her to mysister, a well known wildlife rehabilitator and bird expert.
Her leg was not dislocated or broken, but very painful, and it seems a recent injury. Probably through mishandling in capture and transportation earlier that day to welfare organisation. Miss Goosey was very relaxed with us, and very tired. We settled her on a towel on the floor with food and water for examination. She talked to us constantly.

Examination of Miss Goosey leg

My sister then suggested a warmish bath for Miss Goosey.
1. to help with rehydration
2. to relax her and warm her up
3. to allow her to get weight off sore leg
4. warmth of water to ease leg discomfort and bring down inflammation
5. to give her opportunity to clean up and boost spirits after hectic day 
Nursing animals in the prescence of my sister with her compassion and vast experince is such a pleasure, and such an amazing growth opportunity. It was exactly what Miss Goosey needed. She stayed in for a good half hour preening, relaxing, getting water on her feathers, talking constantly, playing. 
Miss Goosey in bath
Her leg was defnitely a little less sore post bath, but she was tired.
We made a doughnut of towels for her to keep weight off leg, and she went to sleep. This is very valuable nursing for water birds.
I started getting sad and angry later in the evening. This was clearly a loved pet, handed over to a welfare organisation for care for whatever reason. In one day this organisation (who does do good work), managed to hurt her leg, dehydrate her, and deny her food. It would have taken one minute to fill a tub with water for her, and put some dog food mixed with warm water down for her. To handle her a little less roughly. It was not necessary for Miss Goosey to have such an unpleasant experience.
We now go about finding a good free range home for her with some other geese.
The 4 chickens are doing well, although the one has a big wound on neck – it looks quite grim, and seems to have some sort of fungus around it. A trip to our vet seems like the best option!