‘Chicken Rescue is really food for my soul’ – in memory of beautiful Doh

Posted on the blog this morning from Fiona, who is wonderful hen mother to some of our rescues. What a wonderful comment, and so fitting in memory of beautiful Doh.

‘It is with Great sadness that I mention my dear Doh has passed on and while Re and Me are still a bit out-of-sorts, Candy has entrusted me with another 5 lives, Jacquesamore,Fah,Soh,Lah,Ti, who are such incredible beings. Mr J , as i like to call him, is my first Rooster and boy he is such an entertainer! My new girls have found much solace in Mr J , but Re and Me boss him around quite a bit still! I wish only that Do could have met them and i thank her and Candy for the wonderful 1-1.5 years that i spent with her. Chicken rescue is really food for my soul.’

see more on Doh, Re and Me in the early days


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