Just a few facts on the cruelty of the chicken meat industry – why I choose to rescue chickens and not eat them

two of our rescue broilers asleep together

1. broilers are meat chickens – genetically engineered to go from 0 to slaughter in 6 weeks

2. accelerated growth causes massive growing pains, and a lack of proper muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons – often broilers are lame by slaughter age

3.  Dealing with a slaughter age broiler is …very distressing – a large chicken with the psychological maturity and needs of a small chick, and a peep to go with it.


this is Muk Muk 5 week old broiler and love of my life. Muk Muk was ready at this age for slaughter.


4.  Anytime I choose to eat chicken from a supermarket, fast food chain, restauramt, I am eating baby chicken.

5. Broilers are raised in large overcrowded barns where the ammonia from the chicken faeces burns their feet, eyes and bodies

6. When I eat a broiler I am eating more fat than protein – I have raised them, loved them, cuddled them – they are designed to be fat and they are.

7. The transport and handling of chickens on a daily basis and on transport to abbatoir is rough and production like in its execution – the majority of broilers go to slaughter with the pain of broken legs, wings and massive briusing.

8. Broilers are shackled – hung upside down by their legs for slaughter and passed over a rotating blade which may or may not slit their throats effectively.

9. They are left to bleed out – the loss of conciousness is after the loss of function – this is not considered humane. One wants a loss of funtion and conciousness simultaneously.

10. Free range chicken meat is a myth. All broilers are barn raised, some companies have a small outside area for them, but who cares when your body is aching, you yearn for a mother you dont have and her protection. I have watched my baby broilers look for a mother figure the momemt they come to us, and imprint on human or chicken mother. As all baby chicks do. The desire is that strong.

11. The concept of free range as a myth for justifying meat eating as articulated by Professor Melanie Joy – would you feel any better eating a free range loved golden retriever because you knew it had had a good life up until its slaughter?

12. All that traumatic energy is trapped in that meat, which I will now put into my body

13. To kill a person., a chicken , another animal is an act of violence – I dont want to be a part of that.

These are some of the facts of the chicken meat industry. I have not sensationalised or embellished them. This is the reality for many thousands of chickens in SA and around the world daily.

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  1. This is AWFUL. Thank you for all that you do. I gave up eating meat years ago when I saw under cover footage on TV. That still haunts me to this day.

    1. I love what you do for these poor, sweet souls. I stop eating meat after watching “Earthlings” and it is one of a few best decisions that I have made personally in life. Thanks for raising awareness and for stepping up!

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