Janine writes a letter to the CEO of SA Poultry after shocking experience at cull depot

Good day Mr Lovell

Thank you for reading my email.

I recently went to a cull depot to purchase some ex battery hens and was witness to the most dreadful animal cruelty.

I attach photos and ask that the sale of live hens to informal traders be stopped immediately. I am sure you will agree with me after seeing the shocking footage I managed to capture. The traders were forcing the live hens into wheelbarrows, tiny boxes, they were carrying the hens away by the feet, 2 or 3 in each hand, the owner of the bakkie of hens pictured here was forcing about 20 hens into a space big enough for about 4. He was actually injuring them deliberately in order to force more in. He knew he was being cruel because he didnt want a record of his cruelty. He asked me if I was from the SPCA. He then threatened me and forced me to delete the footage I had obtained. Fortunately his knowledge of cell phones was lacking and so I managed to keep the footage.

The cull depot workers were indifferent to the suffering of the hens casually throwing the ‘broken’ ones out. I offered to buy one of the suffering hens and was told I couldnt have her because she was ‘broken’

I feel sure that you as a compassionate man will not allow this cruelty to continue.

Thanking you most sincerely in advance

Janine Nash