A month of glorification of the chicken! send your submissions now

Curious Muk

Animal Rights Day is celebrated on the 2nd October 2014. We are featuring a chicken carer and their well – loved chicken/ chickens daily for 10 days prior to the 2nd October and 20 days post Animal Rights Day. Please fill in the following information and send us 1 to 5 of your favourite pics of you and your flock. Assist us in showing the world that chickens are sentient creatures who deserve so much more than being production animals.

See below how to participate.

Thanking you in advance for your participation.

  • Your name?
  • Where in the world are you?
  • A short (no more than 5 lines) description of you and your life? Something like …… Are you vegetarian/vegan? What do you do as a living? What’s your favourite quote? What do you want us to know about you?
  • How many chickens do you have?
  • Chicken names?
  • How do you spend quality time with your chicken/ chickens?
  • What has surprised you most about your chicken/ chickens?
  • What do you want to tell people out there (who don’t know chickens as a species) about chickens?
  • How do you know that your chickens recognize you over and above other people in their lives?
  • In your experience of keeping chickens as pets, what 10 non-negotiable factors do you believe need to be in place to give chickens a life that is physically, emotionally and mentally healthy?
  • If you could say one thing, on behalf of chickens in the world, to the decision makers in your country, what would that one thing be?

e mail this post to yourself or print this post using the share button below. Then send your answers with the questions and your pictures to candy@discoverymail.co.za.

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