Justine, Daddy, White -ty, Blackie, Caramel, Snowflake, Kit Kat, Pudding, Sugar, Spice, Snowball, Ice cream, Bubbles, Smarty, Tiny and Bob -a month of glorification of the chicken

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Hello, my name is Justine and I am 8 years old. I was born in Johannesburg, and live in Pretoria (Dinokeng area) South Africa.

Three years ago my father and mother decided city living was not good for my brother and I. So they bought a small game farm. My Nana(74 years) had three hens living in her yard in Bryanston, so she decided to get me some. A Country life is nothing without a few chickens to eat all the bugs!

Our family love all types or creatures. My mummy re homes and rescues all types of animals and birds and I help

her. I love my chickens.

Chicken names?

Daddy, White-ty, Blackie, Caramel, Snowflake, Kit Kat, Pudding, Sugar, Spice, Snowball, Ice cream, Bubbles, Smarty, Tiny and Bob

What surprises me about chickens?

All my chickens come when I call them. If I sit under the fruit trees with them the hens come sit on my lap. Last year two sisters helped raise 4 eggs and then shared the babies out equally. My mummy takes the eggs awaynow as she does not want too many chickens in the yard so the hens hide the eggs in the bushes. We have to go look under the grass.

Chickens love vegetables, even the vegetables that I do not like!

How do they recognise me?

All my chickens know me because I spend time in the yard and they come when I call but I must have treats for them. We dust them for mites so they get handled often. Mommy helps me.

10 Non-negotiable factors

  1. Keep them in a coop safe from predators
  2. they must have a roosting place to lay eggs with hay in it
  3. they must have fresh water everyday
  4. they must have lots of room to run around in with lots of grass and trees
  5. they must have sand to dust bath in
  6. they must be de-ticked, de-wormed and de-ticked monthly
  7. keep the chicken coop clean and wash with disinfectant daily
  8. you must talk to your chickens
  9. you must love your chickens
  10. treat chickens kindly as many of them die horrible deaths for humans greed of food

Educate on types of Chickens

I think people do not know enough about chickens and there types. Most people only know about the white laying ones or the brown meat slaughtered one’s. The more information people have the better they might understand the breeds out there and how to look after them.

But people still need a moral core to be kind to such a humble creature that gets taken for granted. They are Sentient beings like all other creatures.

What would I say to decision makers in my country

It is very difficult to stop people eating animals. The Human creature is wasteful consumer without consideration for the animals and creatures that give up their lives for such gluttony.

Please ensure that all creatures are treated with respect and kindness. Give them a peaceful and secure life. If they are to be slaughtered please do it with mercy and without pain. Please have the consideration that they all have feelings like humans. We all can feel pain and experience loss.

I want the all creatures and especially chickens to be treated properly.

Thank you for hearing my story. My mummy helped with the difficult questions and helped me type this up. xx

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