94.7 vegetarian discussion continued …. Read activist Alexa Wilson’s letter to the breakfast team

Hi team,

Just a quick email from a vegetarian who listened to your show yesterday. Generally I avoid the conversations surrounding vegetarianism and veganism because much like political debates or conversations about religion they are often fueled with opinions and end up getting nasty.

I have to say though that your blatant disrespect about the subject probably shows the level of maturity that each of you possess. The snide comments about vegetables feeling pain express a lot about the teams ability to empathize with others and their thoughts.

More than anything it was just disappointing coming from a group of people who have the power to send out positive, tolerant messages. I know it was all veiled in humour and so perhaps your argument would be that we should all lighten up about it.

I know others have emailed in and have enlightened you as to not only the immense suffering that goes on in slaughterhouses across our country, but the environmental impact that factory farming has on our planet, world hunger and sustainability.

So next time you guys feel that you have an important message about tolerance or about environmental sustainability in our developing, poverty and hunger stricken country, please excuse me while I switch over to another radio station.

Alexa Wilson

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