Plea to those considering using live chickens in Kaparot

If you are partaking in Kaparot using live chickens, consider this: for thousands of years the Jewish people have been persecuted, often begging for the freedom to live. As the persecutor of that chicken, look into her eyes and know that she too is begging for her life.
Celebrate Kaparot 2015 by choosing the alternative humane option of monetary donation. Live the New Year with dignity.

Please feel free to share this post to increase awareness.


Ashas recovery

4 months ago Korlia Schmidt who operates out George branch of Chicken Rescue and Rehabilitation SA rescued a mom and 7 chicks that were in trouble. 

Mom and chicks have prospered in this protected environment. Just over ago, Asha (one of the chicks) suddenly developed splaying legs and  lameness. 

See video below   

The vet wasn’t entirely sure what was up but after some observation time felt it was mechanical damage from an injury.

Asha was put onto a strong anti inflammatory and bed rest. We added vitamin B complex and the homeopathic remedy  ‘opium’ which we have had huge success with before for spinal injury. Opium was suggested for use by our talented and experienced homeopath here in Johannesburg. 

A week on and look at Ashas progress. Well done Korlia. O