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  1. Please let me know how to adopt a hen, my dog of 20 years has passed away recently and I want to start the healing process by looking after a hen first ;-(

  2. Fabulous! keep up the good work. I haven’t had chickens in the garden for a long time but recently had ducks. I’m now thinking about adopting a chicken or two…..

  3. i currently have 23 chickens in my backyard, 10 are rescue battery hens. when they got here i was shocked at the way they looked and all the simple stuff they had no idea about. someone had cut thier beaks almost off and im not sure if they will grow back. i have about 1.5 acres fenced for my chicks but the new gals camped out under my back porch. they didnt know how to run, or dust bathe, or come to get food put out. for a week my husband helped me pick them all up and carry them to bed..they didnt know how to go to roost. its been over a month now and they have completely turned around. anytime i go outside they all run to me cluckin tryin to see what treat i have. if i sit at least 2 will sit on me with 4 or 5 next to me all stretched out. thy follow me everywhere, and i can simply reach down and pick them up. i like to think its because they are thankful to be in my chicken paradise…lol….they are spoiled now! 🙂 and all are doing great. soon i will be bringing home 15 more….i hope they too are happy

    1. Hi Jaymi
      you are on our facebook page too? is that correct. I am so excited (and sad) to hear your experience, as that has been ours too (see our rescue doc). Yes, they need help at first. We have had some rescue hens, who do not recognise water in a new bowl, or food. We have had to gently dip their beaks into the water to show them. Our rescue doc suggests taking them for first few days into a bathroom, shower, outside room, and slowly introducing them to the big wide world. Although they have come from bad circumstances, that is all they know, and therfore the sky, the grass, the birds, dogs, strange noises all freak them out. I guess your porch was the smallest and safest place they could find. Thanks for sharing this info. Its good to hear someone elses experience is similar. I also want to say I admire you so much for you and your husbands compassion, understanding and assistance of these girls. You helped make the world a little less scary!
      Considering you already have quite a big flock, my suggestion, based on my experience, for adding additional hens (if you need suggestions – otherwise ignore) is to introduce 3 or more hens at a time. 2 or 1 seem to get hen pecked. Introduce them slowly over the first week, and let your new hens have some time for the first few days to get some confidence. I have noticed that a large confident (spoilt) flock, can be really dreadful to new birds, especially if they are behaving in a frightened way.

      1. thanks…no worries w/ new gals getting beat up. i have a 10×10 dog kennel and i keep 5 new gals at a time in there until they have “outside” friends visiting alot. i will let them all get acquainted before mixing them. suprisingly…these hens arent afriad of much (except the lawn mower). they do go to their perches now inside their hen house. i close them up every night and without fail every morning….they are soooo excited to see that i have come back….its nice 🙂

    2. oh, and their beaks are unlikely to grow. See our blog for ‘weekend rescues’ posted a few weeks ago. It shows the process of searing the layers beaks with a hot blade when they are 2 to 4 days old. Incredibly cruel process. It is unlikey their beaks will grow back, but as you already know, they are so amazing at adapting. Battery hens are also not able to perch, and can learn, but rarely do. In the first few weeks, their feet are very painful from living on wire. So perching is painful.

  4. on a funnier note…the other day i came in from outside to finish folding laundry…i guess at some point that morning the door had not been closed all the way….in my living room there was a hen parked in my laundry basket…asleep on freshly dried clothes and another hen kicked back on my couch with a leg and a wing stretched out….like she belonged there!! priceless! so i am now gonna order a welcome mat that says “welcome! now close the door before the chickens get in! ” 🙂

    1. oh thats hysterical. We have similar daily occurences. Hens laying eggs on the couch, nestled into laundry, getting into cupboards….trying to climb into the fridge while I am getting stuff out. I love it though. Get a bit sick of chicken pooh every so often….then rudely re claim the house for humans. All our hens stand at the glass door staring sadly in as though we are abusing them…again!

  5. I wish there is someone like you lives locally that I could join. Do you happen to know any organization in the Dallas, Texas metroplex ?

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