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Chick – Chick lays an egg – great pics

Chick - Chick settles down for the important task of egg laying

24th April rescue saw two chicks, Goldie and  Chick-Chick going to a new home. Tragically Goldie was killed by a neighbours dog. We were asked to take Chick-Chick back to allow the family to recover from trauma, and to keep Chick-Chick safe (if you look back at the rescue article – scroll down a way – Chick-Chick is the chicken with the damaged/ burned comb – the scab has now fallen off, and their is lovely new pink skin below).

Chick-Chick has been back with us for the last week. We have fallen in love with her. She had a deep voice and is so friendly and delicious to cuddle.

Yesterday I photographed her laying an egg. See pics below. I never stop getting excited by the laying of an egg. It seems so miraculous and magnificent, that this little bod could produce something so beautiful and perfect on a daily basis. Chickens should be revered for their amazing capabilities, and I think they should be shown much more respect for what their amazing bodies produce for us.

Where is this egg? When is it coming?
Chick- Chick fluffing up for arrival of egg
Chick - Chick gets into appropriate squatting position, tucks her bottom in...and....
yay! It's here
I am going to shout it out to the world!

Chicken Photo Gallery

Me, age 6 years old, with the love of my life Henny Penny. We currently have a Henny Penny at the farm
Chickens in shackles ready for slaughter
A typical informal seller set up. Small cage, minimal shelter, no food and water
Cape Town Rescues Marigold and Petunia sleep in the sun
Amber - rescued beginning of 2010. Stays with us at family home. Has deep, low voice, and affords us immense joy. Amber has a gentle nature
Mechanised Chicken slaughter. Chickens are placed upside down in shackles. Shackles are painful and their legs get broken and damaged. These chickens have endured the trauma and rough handling of transportation to the abbatoir. They have not has food or water for a day or two. They will now have their throats slit. I often wonder who devised this 'effective' means of slughter? Do you think he/she is proud of their work?
Amber and Bella. Amber is an ex battery hen. Bella is a broiler. Bella is genetically modified to go from 0 to slaughter in 6 weeks. Her large over sized body puts strain on her legs and internal organs. Currently Bella weighs 4.5kgs and is only 18 weeks. Amber weighs 1.2 kgs and is well over a year old. Broilers are a tragedy of factory farming, and the desire to create financially viable meat options at the expense of the comfort of the bird. Bella is wonderful, and knowing we may have limited time with her, I love and enjoy my time with her everyday
Chicken home at the farm. Our rescue chicks sleep in here at night, and get locked in to protect them from predators. During the day they have 25 hectares to free range on
Chickens in shackles ready for slaughter
Some of our rescue chicks having a ball in a pile of manure, looking for cutworms
Galhinia had been partially plucked alive when we found her. She had sores on her body aprox 2 cm in diameter. Sunburn was an issue until she grew some feathers. Sunblock is not an option, as it is poisonous to chickens. Galhinia now lives in our family home with us. She is a real character and very loving
Amber and Galhinia lay morning eggs together. Note substantially more feathers on Galhinia than picture before. Galhinia has been with us now for 4 months.
Is it worth all this pain and suffering? Do you want to continue to support an industry that inflicts mass torture daily?
Henriette and Bella were the sickest chickens we have had to date. Henriette (above) required two weeks of intense nursing. She woul not eat or drink on her own, and she had lost the will to live. One morning she woke up, and things had changed. Read her story under our blog category 'chicken diaries'
Henriette 4 months after rescue
Chickens love dust bathing. It takes extra oil off their feathers and keeps them clean and lice free. Here Henriette and Melody have a dust bath. I love watching chcikens dust bath, especially our new chickens who i know have never been afforded this opportunity before. Their joy when dust bathing is so apparent.
Cone slaughtering. Chickens placed upside down in a cone. Their heads are pulled through the openeing at the bottom of the cone, and their heads are cut off.
An egg with only a membrane and no shell. Many of our hens come calcium deficient from poor diet and excessive egg laying. Infections in their egg duct can also cause a lack of shell to develop.
Melody digs and finds a worm
Begging, pleading, preaching, cajoling, asking sellers to give water to the chickens. Food is out of the question as it is expensive. This particular seller was open to giving water. Whether he had an eye on pleasing me for future sales and was indulging me in the momemt, who knows. If we are to kill animals, let us not make them long for death before we do it.
Me and Galhinia have a late afternoon cuddle